Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bruce Campbell's Way

My New Year’s resolution is to use Bruce Campbell’s way to seek healing from CFIDS. This time I plan to be more deliberate about it. I have been aware of his method and his Self-help CFIDS and Fibromyalgia Organization and have tried to incorporate his strategies into my life before, but I keep failing. His strategies seem simple, straightforward and cheap but they are actually very difficult to practice. Why?

It is because it is extremely difficult to consistently hold back, carefully pace, keep records, and make rest a priority. It requires great discipline. I jeopardize myself again and again. I am a people pleaser and it is hard to say no to family and friends. I want to be hardworking, productive and successful. Reminders that I need to pace myself and rest injure my self-esteem because I am forced to admit that I am weak and fragile. And I believe that there is something in human nature that resists our need for rest.

I inhale general concepts in an intuitive way and grasp the essential truth of them but that doesn’t mean that I always incorporate them into my daily life. That is what has happened in the past with Bruce Campbell’s way. It takes discipline to not only learn about something but to practice it on a daily basis.

I digress to admit that this is also very true of my Christian faith. It is easy to inhale and grasp the truth of God’s existence, his love, his plan of redemption and the hope for a changed life but it can be quite a challenge to apply it and to cause substantial change. It takes discipline to slowly and carefully digest God’s ways that effect change in behavior. That may be why many Christians are hypocrites. They testify to it because in their mind it is real to them but their behavior may not reflect it.

But the New Year promises a fresh start and I hope to recover from CFIDS the Bruce Campbell way in 2011.