Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our Spring Break

Frigid Bass Harbor, Maine, isn't the usual place that comes to mind when one thinks of spring break. But that is where Kim and I went a couple weeks ago. We needed a grandchild fix and because Sarah and Andrew has time off from both their job at Gordon College and Sarah from Waring School, it was an ideal time to visit them.
We spent our week at our condo in Bass Harbor. It was cold but we had some bright sunny days. I loved being on Mt. Desert Island more than I thought I would. It was peaceful and quiet without the tourist crowds, yet some of the businesses were opening up again after a winter hiatus.

It was wonderful to spend time with Henry and deepen our bond with him. Of course we loved being with Sarah as well. Andrew stayed home for most of the week due to some important meetings he needed to attend but we were fortunate to have a couple days with him too.

Highlights included:
1. Catching up with Sarah and Andrew
2. Watching the sunsets over Blue Hill Bay every evening
3. The lovely, deep silence of the starry nights
4. Good times in the Southwest Harbor Public Library
5. Treats from Sawyer's Market
6. Discovering the Cranberry Island Kitchen
7. Brisk walks overlooking the harbor
8. Lots of time enjoying the cuteness of Henry
9. Spending an evening at Margi' and David's house
10. Observing Sarah's creative endeavors